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    Financial independence

    Your journey to Financial Independence

    Getting rich quick is a myth – building wealth requires strategy and time. Getting rich quick schemes victimizes people, but not really the willingness to get financial security. Here is a list of books that can help you make a lot of money – but the right way and slowly

    1. Think and Grow Rich

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    First published in 1937, it is the conclusion of two decades of research by Napoleon Hill.

    His research began when Andrew Carnegie (then the richest steel tycoon on earth) gave him the task of organizing a philosophy of personal achievement.

    Hill was a poor journalist, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, John D., who were only armed in one introductory letter to Carnegie. Rockefeller, George Eastman, William Wrigley Jr., Charles M. Schwab. In this book, Hill reveals the invaluable wisdom of his research in the form of thirteen steps to success.

    If you only buy one book on this list – this is it.

    2. The Millionaire Next Door

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    I really enjoyed this book – the authors Thomas Stanley and William Danko make casual style very easy to read.

    An Amazon reviewer sums it up wonderfully: “Already a very special book comes with“ aha, ”which is one such book.

    Many people travel on high incomes and the rich “Jones” lead a high lifestyle with high debt and savings.

    I once struggled for a millennial who once said, “Money buys clothes, don’t buy anything.” He told us to buy our “toys” clothes, cars, vacations, etc. from the gains of the profit. That’s the basic idea of this book – make a profit and then enjoy them – but don’t spend the main.

    3 The Richest Man in Babylon

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    How do moderns work financially?, I mean the wealthy, high income earners?

    Richest Man in Bablyon is timeless like Think and Grow Rich but written in a manner like the very popular Rich Dad, Poor Dad series.

    Good to read, Informational and entertaining.

    4 One Up on Wall Street

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    This book is outstanding. Not only does Peter Lynch give a run down of how he invests, but he tries a practical method while investing.

    He analyzes how to evaluate a company, its operations, its financial statements and different other crucial components when making an investment decision.

    The author (Peter Lynch) has also published another great book which is intended for at teenagers

    5 Rich Dad Poor Dad

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    I believe that most of you will have imagined that this book would be on the list – and it does have the right to its place here.

    The author (Robert Kiyosaki) has used his beliefs in his own life and been extremely rewarded financially for it.

    He talks from knowledge and organizes to do so in a simple to recognize way.

    I enjoyed this book enormously when I read it for the first time and it truly improved my way of staring at money and getting rich.

    6 Start Small Profit Big

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    I have to explain that real estate is my beloved income formation tool.

    In fact, as the property markets around the world are starting to recession, we are about to hit an excellent time for purchasing – remember, when everyone is selling – buy, when everyone is buying – sell.

    Get this book now to ready yourself for the great investment chance which is on its way

    7 The Automatic Millionaire

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    This book is a honestly march through common-sense personal financial planning that recommends readers “automate” their tributes to retirement and investment vehicles.

    The author, in fact, calls his style the “tortoise approach” to coming to be rich by retirement age. Remember – there is no true get rich fast scheme.

    8 Your Money or your Life

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    According to one reviewer: “This book was instrumental in my re-imagining of what money is and what it means to my life.

    As a result of reading this book, I now have a very healthy money-outlook, and can easily make choices that would have been quite difficult before.” In addition, all readers of this site will love this book because it puts its principles forward in a nine-step method – think of it as a top 9 list!

    9 Frugal Living for Dummies

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    The wealthy don’t get rich by wasting money – they get rich by living carefully.

    Addressing from my own knowledge of living frugally, I was able to eradicate all of my debt and save enough money to put a deposit on a house – all in one year.

    Not only did I come to be financially free, I had a much more satisfying and prosperous life. By not going out every night I conserved sufficient time and money to join a gym.

    I began cooking my own meals and learnt a lot about using and re-using food. It was hard at first, but in the end I was struggling against my earlier week to see how much I could save – it came to be a game that I liked.

    10 How to Get Out of Debt

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    The first book on this list is designed to get you begun on the road to wealth – by eliminating your debt. As long as you are loaded by debt, you can’t build your wealth.

    Once the debt is got on, all of the money you have usable can be put towards your financial growth.

    Think, you are also paying interest on your debt – once you pay it off, that money can begin earning YOU interest.

    No Conclusion Choice is yours

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