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    A backlink, sometimes called an inbound link (IBL), is a term used to describe an external hyperlink that directs traffic from one website to another. In search engine optimization (SEO), a backlink is important to indicate the relevance of a web page to a search engine.

    A page’s search ranking often influences backlinks because it adds a layer of credibility to search engines like Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo.

    In search engine optimization (SEO) terminology, a quality backlink is a backlink that links to your website using your keywords keyword style, and will appear on a website with the same theme or similar content as your own website.

    Types of backlinks

    Although the difference is small for the untrained eye, there are two types of backlinks (dofollow and nofollow links) that can have a significant impact on a website’s SEO rankings.

    Dofollow backlinks are the most common link because they do not require additional HTML code. Hyperlinks text or an image that search engines interpret as a biological link between sites. This adds credibility to a site that publishes backlinks and the host of backlinks, as both sites seem to deliver relevant quality content to a specific audience.

    Nofollow backlinks are rare because they include a “rel = nofollow” tag that specifically suggests a search engine to ignore the URL. They are commonly used in cases where a link is sponsored (usually by a company offering some form of compensation for inclusion in a post), guest posts, and contract links. While they still drive traffic from one site to another, nofollow links are a small SEO.

    The only caveat is that most search engines prefer well-rounded websites that have a balance of nofollow and dofollow links.

    How to use backlinks

    The process of adding a backlink to a content management system (CMS) is relatively simple; A user only needs a text or image to link. As mentioned above, only the link automatically becomes a dofollow backlink, but a nofollow backlink needs to be tagged with the “rel = nofollow” tag after the href attribute.

    Some strategies are needed to do backlinking work to improve SEO. While a publisher can theoretically add unlimited links to their content, those links will only benefit the site where they drive traffic.

    Getting an external site to add a backlink is sometimes a laborious task that requires developing a relationship with co-publishers to some extent. Sometimes backlinks happen biologically, but they regularly facilitate publishers who want to improve their SEO rankings.

    Google’s search console quality guidelines link scheme violations or backlinks used for the sole purpose of managing a site’s ranking.

    Therefore, these types of links adversely affect SEO, so digital marketing professionals should not buy or sell links, use unnatural links, or exchange excessive links with another site. In 2012, Google released an algorithm update (codenamed “Penguin”) that punishes publishers for violating backlinking guidelines.

    One of the best books on backlinks

    Ultimate Guide to Link Building: How to Build Website Authority, Increase Traffic and Search Ranking with Backlinks (Ultimate Series) 

    Back link building

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    He is also an online marketing consultant working with major companies in customer relationship management, consumer packaged goods, and online health information.

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