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    Most people commit suicide due to psychological harassment and work pressure by their superiors.  Fear of losing a job, insulting a boss even when working sincerely, overwork, inability to adapt to schedule or co-workers, lack of communication facilities, lack of time to spend with family, financial problems, lack of promotion, gender and caste discrimination etc.  In fact, it is the workplace that has to come up with healthier things to reduce stress.

     With the spread of the Coronavirus, most people today are home from work.  Each office proposes to employees staying home for 15 days after an overseas trip for urgent needs, to use technologies such as video conferencing instead of travel, to obtain self-certification that employees who return after a short vacation have not visited Corona-affected areas, and to avoid the ability to attend public events attended by employees.  However, the problems you face while working from home are not retail.  Every employee is now going through a thousand problems, including internet connection.  Also, there are many people who are in a situation where they can not spend time with their family even if they are with them.  What are the problems you face?

    No Energy 

     The general assessment is that working hours are longer when work is at home.  The main villains are the internet and electricity.  One category suggests that this not only prolongs working hours, but also tests patience.  After this, there are many complaints that there is no energy for anything else and there is no time to spend with the family.  This can lead to squabbles.  Moreover, financial problems and sexual violence are unforgivable.  Not getting a promotion at work can be very debilitating.  Have you ever wondered what happens if you do not get the salary you deserve?

    No Happiness

    Stress is stress even when working from home.  Problems at work can affect your happiness and why family life itself.  There are many people at home who are angry with their wives and children.  The way anger is shown to a partner can also cause stress in the partner.  Having to shift responsibilities at home due to busy schedule and not being able to attend family functions regularly can cause relationships to be strained.  The main reason for conflicts in the workplace may not be clear communication.


    There are those who do not end up isolated while working from home.  Even after doing office work at home, there will be tension.  At such times, there are many who accept isolation by keeping distance from everyone.  This can make family relationships worse.  Word can also cause disputes.  However, a person’s success or failure depends on his ability to cope with stress.  It is not possible to completely avoid stress in many aspects of life.  But you need to gain the ability to withstand the pressures.  For that matter, these work-from-home days.

    Speak openly

     do not assume that your partner will understand your situation on his own.  Talk openly with your partner about problems, concerns, and stress at work.  Ask them for opinions.  For them, you should be careful to spend time with them.  At the same time, competitive intelligence can be found everywhere in the office, but the main reason is that the styles of each do not match.  However, it is only natural that others will object to what they say to a co-worker, mistaken for a trustworthy person, the problems that arise when they tell others, and the compromising attitude of bosses towards some people only.

    Let’s take a break

     One of the biggest problems facing most people who work from home as part of a work from home today is when to take a break.  There are many people who complain that they do not even have time to eat on the go because of the cluttered internet and the intermittent electricity supply.  If so how to take a break.  It is best to start work early in the morning. 

    Experienced people say that the internet has speed at that time.  Also, make sure that you are eating at the right time.  If you spend more time in the office and do not take regular breaks, then you may never be able to work.  Instead of being always in front of the computer, you should find time to exercise, talk to your family, and enjoy other hobbies.

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