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    Car insurance in USA

    In Part 1, we explained in detail the first five tips on how to reduce your car insurance costs. In Part 2, we show you the second five.

    STEP 6 – Update, Change or Cancel No Error with PIP (Personal Injury Protection)

    No-Fault Coverage, and Twin – PIP – started out as a good idea. Your premiums would actually be reduced. After that, Politicians of your State took part (in lobbying for Insurance Lobbyists, of course) and did just that.

    You see, the acquisition of flawless insurance was originally intended for the loss of an individual, which is covered by their car insurance company – whoever is at fault.

    Today, in many lands, car insurance companies are making a hundred bucks by mistake because insurance companies have shown State lawmakers to make “changes.”

    Today, as a result of these changes, car insurance companies have actually applied non-invasive laws to reduce the claims made by a customer, instead of reducing car insurance payments as they should.

    So, the premiums keep going up – and – and the insurance companies end up paying a small amount of claims – Someone is getting rich on that deal… .and he is not.

    And to make matters worse, some countries (which have real talented Insurance Lobbyist’s) also require that they pay more in the form of a fair fee. This beauty is called Personal Injury Protection (PIP).

    PIP is a “wide-ranging” cover and can provide Collision Coverage, Hospitalization, Social Security Disability, Workers Comp, Personal Disability & Life Insurance.

    Problem with PIP and its component….

    You already provided a lot, if not all, of this installation anyway, right? So, you pay twice!

    Therefore, you need to do a few things:

    Google “low levels of required car insurance” to determine whether No-Fault Insurance and / or PIP is required in your government;

    After that, check your policy. If it is not necessary for your Government to have No-Fault / PIP Coverage again in your policy – cancel it. If No-Fault / PIP is required by your Government thatha .take a minimum. Here’s how.

    If you must have No-Fault / PIP, apply and receive a premium from your car insurance company.

    STEP 7 – Cancel Medical Access

    Medical Availability, in most car insurance policies, is a promise to pay “appropriate” medical expenses to anyone who rides your car in the event of an accident ubani and anyone in your car in the event of a collision.

    Cancel. You don’t need it.

    Why do you say that? Yes, medical coverage as part of your car insurance policy is a recurring theme:

    • Medical plan; – Any Life Insurance Coverage you can get, and; – Debt Categories Almost all car insurance policy written in the U.S.

    Think of it this way …. Do you have a Health / Wellness / Hospitalization program through which an employee or Association is a member?

    Then why pay the Medical / Hospitalization Coverage premiums on your car insurance policy?

    Here’s what will happen if you tell a car insurance company or Agent that “You don’t want Hospitalization / Medical Coverage.” You will hear cunning “tricks” to help you change your mind.

    An insurance company employee will say “Well, if you are in an accident, and it is your fault, who will pay for medical treatment for any passengers who are injured in your car?”

    Here is your answer. Your family is already covered by your Health / Hospital plan. If someone else is in the car and is injured – covered with your already paid Bodily Injury Liability cover…. And their Health / Hospital Plan.

    So go ahead – save some money and discard this installation.

    STEP 8 – Cancel Death, Depression and Blindness

    Do you have any of these additions to your existing car insurance policy? If so – cancel.

    And if you’re a first-time car insurance buyer or, just looking to get quotes from several car insurance, don’t let anyone talk to you!


    Because, this installation is a total waste of money. Many of these optional covers are simply “glorified” life insurance policies with irrational arrangements and expensive premiums. If you need life insurance, create a separate Insurance Policy.

    STEP 9 – Cancel more

    Do you have Roadside Assistance or Rental Car Reimbursement in your policy? If so, cancel.

    Also, if you’re a first-time insurance buyer or get a few car insurance quotes, don’t worry about these covers.

    Why? Because they are expensive, they are often used, and they limit what you can and cannot do.

    For example, some car rental payments ”are about $ 100 per year per car in your policy. So if you have two cars, you will spend about $ 2,000 on car rental in the next 10 years – and you may never use it.

    And road help? The concept piece we offer you is being trampled on by premiums for car insurance companies that want this inclusion. Road help is a good idea. But use AAA to find a cheaper solution.

    STEP 10 – Eliminate Complete Combination with Old Car Crashes.

    If you have an old car – by this I mean that it can cost less than $ 2,000 wholesale (the price a car dealer can give you if you were selling it) cancel any Full Conflict and Conflict you have or reject that option when you get car insurance.

    Here’s why. If an 8-year-old car and a brand new car have the same damage, the cost of repairing both will be the same, even if an 8-year-old car is not worth it at all.

    You can see the cost of the bumper and fender are the same – whether it’s because of a brand new car, or an 8-year-old. That’s why your premiums don’t go down as the price of a car goes down. Your payments are always the same, year after year.

    However, the lower the cost of what you can collect in that old car. For example, if your car “

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