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    Is watsapp leaking information

    Telegram is a free and open-source app and it is ready on Android and IOS platforms. Telegram is an app that has as many users as WhatsApp. Telegram overcomes many limitations of WhatsApp for example if the maximum size of a file that can be sent to WhatsApp is 16 Mb then files as small as 1 GB can be sent by telegram like WhatsApp you can create audio and video calls via Telegram.

    Telegram is safer than other chatting apps and it’s Nearby chatting option is disabled by default. This may not seems like a severe problem still users can accidentally turn the feature on believing they are  just broadcasting their common proximity to someone else and not their exact location. If you value your privacy don’t enable Telegram people nearby feature.

    Signal is another chatting app accessible on android IOS platforms. The signal is an app that does not collect users information at all WhatsApp uses. The Signal protocol in end-to-end encryption. The  mobile number required to establish the account is also not associated with your account groups. Personal messaging fading messages audio-video calls and are also available. Signals have also been selected by the European Commission as the most appropriate means of communication.

     Hello to privacy 

    Say hello to privacy is the tag line of the messaging app and privacy and security are the biggest things of the Signal. You can use on android IOS and different operating systems just like the WhatsApp. You can transfer high definition images videos audios and GIFs and you can also make voice-video calls. The app wass developed by Silicon valley-based Signal foundation a non-profit company called Signal Messenger LLC. The company was formed by Brian Acton one of the co-founders of WhatsApp and Moxie Marlin who quit WhatsApp in 2017 funded 50 million for the Signal. 

    Skype is the oldest app still in use for business communication Skype is available for free on all operating systems it features the clearest audio-video calls like other apps you can send large files via Skype. 

    With the new version of the app you, your friends and family members can pretend you are all in the similar place. Skype offered there are at least five members in the call and everyone has permit to access a webcam. The awesome thing here is you dont require skype installed on your computer to take benefit of the feature. You can access it through the platforms like web client and as long as one person has an account they can invite everyone else through a link .

    Viber is another popular messaging app for end-to-end encryption. Like different apps it allows you to exchange messages and make calls. Unlike other apps Viber can be used on multiple devices at the same time you can also make audio-video calls to people on your contact list via Viber. 

    Group in common: this will permit users to recognize which Viber groups they have in common with other contacts on their list. You can check these details via the notification screen on any one-to-one chat with a contact.

    Messaging visibility: get more understanding into your chat status from the primary chat list users will be able to see if somebody is typing a reply or if your message has been appropriately delivered and read.

    Quick replies: save time by immediately reacting to a message by only swiping down on your notification there’s no necessity to tap into each individual chat.

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