• Tue. Sep 28th, 2021

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    positive pay for checks

    From 1st January the effective pay process will come into effect where the check payer shares the data with the bank this is to prevent financial irregularities with the check that is the check is drawn to someone his name check number date and the payment should be given to the bank check it out and change the check this data will be exchanged between the banks immediately it is up to the respective banks to decide whether to apply this system to transactions above rs 50000

    However, this is mandatory for transactions above Rs 5 lakh.

    Contactless limit raised

    The limit for contact transactions without debit / credit cards and UPIs without entering or swiping the personal identification number (PIN) was 2000.  From tomorrow it could be up to 5000.

    Pay attention to the GST guys

    Until now, GST applicants were required to file a 3B return every month.  For businesses with a turnover of up to Rs 5 crore from tomorrow, it is sufficient to file GST sales return (GSTR 3B) 4 times a year.  For this, Quarterly Return Filing with Monthly Payment (QRMP) scheme will be implemented.

    Changes to the phone

    Older phones do not have WhatsApp!

    WhatsApp will no longer work on phones running the operating system below Android 4.0.3 and Apple iOS 9.  While some phones may completely shut down WhatsApp, some features may not be available.

    Maximum number of SIM cards is 9

    According to the new telecom rules, a person can only hold 9 SIM cards.  Those who have taken more than nine SIM cards in their own name should return the excess to the service providers by January 10.

    Adding ‘0’ to landline call

    Starting from tomorrow, when calling from a landline to a mobile number, you have to add ‘0’ at the beginning.  BSNL may implement this from tomorrow till January 15.  This is part of the move from 10 digits to 11 digits as mobile users increase

    Traffic Rules

    Fastag mandatory
    Just like the notification was received a long time ago from tomorrow toll collection on national highways in the country will be through fastag only vehicles arriving at toll plazas without a fast tag will have to spend a double fine and pay rs 500 and immediately take the tag.

    All automobiles going through the same toll plaza must have a fastag attached to their windshield these rules apply to them and N types of motor vehicles bought before december 1 2017 both of which must be at least four-wheeled M type refers to a motor vehicle with at least four wheels that can carry passengers type N refers to a motor vehicle that has at least four wheels and is used to transmit goods it can transmit personalities in addition to luggage

    Smoke certificate online

    Vehicle smoke test certificate will be online from tomorrow connects between vehicle software and smoke testing centers once the vehicle is delivered to such a center the inspection can be done with the help of software the information will be uploaded to the server of the department of motor vehicles the vehicle owner will also receive an sms when the certificate expires.

    Airbags for front seats

    Airbags are mandatory for the front seats of all vehicles departing from tomorrow this should be implemented by vehicle manufacturers older vehicles may need to be refurbished

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