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KARNATAKA: Muskan, the bold Muslim young lady who stood firm before a crowd of Hindu extreme right thugs, is an understudy at the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial College in India’s Karnataka.

Muskan’s video of confronting the Hindu horde at the school a day sooner had turned into a web sensation on media, getting acclaims from for her fortitude.

Discussing the experience she needed to confront, Muskan said that she had gone to her school to present her task.

In a meeting with Indian media, she said, “When I arrived at the school, a horde of [Hindu] fanatics attempted to stop me at the entryway.”

They were not permitting me since I was wearing the “burqa”, she said, adding that a portion of the young men in the horde were making revolting signals towards her.

“I was not apprehensive,” she added.

The Hindu fanatics were yelling “Jai Shri Ram”, she said, “so I began shouting Allah hu Akbar.”

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In the mean time, the school head and speakers arrived at there and safeguarded me, she added. Muskan said that her chief never prevented them from wearing hijab. She said that larger part of the crowd were untouchables.

“Hijab is important for the personality of a Muslim young lady”, she said, adding that they will proceed with their dissent for the Hijab.

Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind reports INR0.5 million for Muskan

In acknowledgment of her boldness and facing menaces, Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind has declared 0.5 million rupees for Muskan.

Hindu fanatics have caused problems for hijab-wearing understudies in the Indian province of Karnataka.

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