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Group refreshes: Proposals, declarations, and something else for 2022
Leader Director Josepha Haden shared a proposition on 2022 significant delivery timing.
In the most recent episode of WP Briefing, Josepha Haden Comphosy audits the three significant areas of concentration for the WordPress project in 2022. She additionally shared the 10,000 foot view objectives for 2022.
The Core Team made a proposition with respect to appropriate attributions for commitments to WordPress on GitHub. Albeit the proposition has from that point forward been removed, it’s as yet a conversation and remarks are gladly received.
Look at the starter guide for WordPress 6.0 (Gutenberg Phase Two).
Center Team individuals proposed enhancements to the Core Editor talk plan and configuration.
The Accessibility Team made some significant objective recommendations for WordPress 6.0.
The Polyglots Team shared a proposition for an achievement layout for polyglots district groups.
The January 2022 version of the Polyglots month to month pamphlet is out!
The Community Team shared an open greeting for the Diverse Speaker Training bunch Zoom call.
Albeit the WordPress Photo Directory hasn’t as yet completely sent off, you can now present your pictures. You can likewise contribute in alternate ways, as there’s right now a call for volunteers.
Openverse has now an overhauled UI and incorporates support for sound documents. Look at this post to realize what’s going on.
The Community Team will have open conversation meetings to work together on its objectives for 2022.
The January 2022 version of the Meetup Organizer Newsletter was distributed.
The Community Team shared a proposition for required security measures for face to face WordPress occasions occurring this year.
The Training Team distributed its February 2022 Team Sprint.

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